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The customer will be notified by the Company about a timeframe in which the ordered goods are ready for delivery. In such case, the Customer will receive a suggested delivery date. The customer has the obligation to notify the Company if the date suggested is or is not suitable for him/her. In case it is not suitable, the customer must provide the Company with an alternative date that is within a time range of 2 weeks from the suggested date.
The customer must also provide information asked by e-mail such as:

  • 2nd floor delivery or higher? (SEE: “PREPARING YOUR DELIVERY”).
  • Any other information that might be (reasonably) important to the Company.

Estimated delivery date

About setting the date. At the time of the order, the customer shall receive a suggested delivery date. However, the suggested date is only an estimated date depending on availability. Any anomaly in delivery time due to unexpected circumstances in manufacturing and shipping will be notified to the Customer as soon as possible. The Company cannot be held liable for late delivery if the delay is due to force majeure. However, if the delivery date is set back more than 30 days we offer the Customer a full refund or suggest an alternative product in the same price range with a faster delivery time.

The company shall not be liable to Customer for any damages as a result of any delivery delays.

Preparing your delivery

In the event that the customer wants oversized items (Dining tables or Sectionals) delivered on a second floor or higher, the customer is responsible for making sure and measuring that purchased items can fit inside the elevator. In case there is no elevator available, the Company, represented by the individuals doing the delivery, will have to leave the goods on the first floor for the customer to receive. The company does not pay for extra services or machinery if they are deemed necessary to get the goods on the desired floor. However, if the company was informed in advanced by the Customer, the company may offer to look for an adequate solution for the customer. The customer will be charged the exact amount charged by the company providing the service.

The Customer is responsible for all measurements to ensure goods will fit its intended place and fit through all access points to secure the delivery on the intended place. Therefore, the company has mentioned all measurements of goods on its web-store. In case the customer does not find the measurements of a particular item, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact the Company, asking for measurements prior placing an order.

In case the delivery cannot be executed because the place is not accessible or the customer wants to cancel because he/she assumes the goods do not fit the intended place, the customer is liable for not measuring the intended place in advance. As a result, goods will be left in a place that is accessible and the responsibility lies with the customer to find a solution. The customer who cancels the delivery and the purchase, can be partially refunded limiting the refund to a maximum of 70% of the purchase price.

All pets must be restrained during all deliveries.

Receiving your delivery

About when the day comes. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure a legally competent adult is present upon delivery who has the legal autority to sign the delivery sheet. The Customer hereby declares that the person, 18 years or older, present upon delivery, signing any agreement or delivery contract offered by the Company is the customer’s responsibility and has the power to sign in the name of the Customer. In case no person is present on the date of delivery, or the person present does not have the legal power to sign, or does not have the intention to sign, the delivery will be cancelled and all extra costs for transportation from and to the customer will be charged in full. (Logistic, Administrative and applicable handling fees.)

Returns & Refunds

We kindly ask you to carefully check all delivered items at the moment of delivery. Should any of the goods be damaged due to transportation, please notify Belamo immediately within hours after delivery. Please send us an e-mail ([email protected]). We kindly ask you to take pictures and if possible, send them to us to speed up the process. We will either repair or replace the goods if the claim was done in the correct way and timeframe.

For all items on Sale, Floor Samples and Custom orders, sales are final on time of order.

In case a refund is requested within 7 days after delivery for standard items, please alow the company up to 5 working days to check eligibility and reply.

If the claim is granted and the goods are in mint condition, the amount refunded within 7 days after pick-up, will be the price paid by the customer minus the shipping cost of $249 minus man-hours @ $35 pp/hour from & to warehouse in Davenport, FL.

All refunds later than 7 days after delivery are (when Approved) subject to a re-stocking fee of 25%.

Goods are not eligible for returns: *30+ days after delivery *when they are not in mint condition.