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Furniture Quality

We are proud to offer you a magnificent collection of premium outdoor design furniture made out of the best materials, designed to be both comfortable for the body and easy on the eyes. Our collections are designed in Europe and produced and tested under the supervision of our European partner. Durability, fabric quality, functionality and comfort are words we don’t take lightly! Want to know more about The quality and fabrics of our 2020 collection? We will fill you in on Deep Seating, Sunbrella®, Texilene “All Weather”, Spuncrylic, Granite, Grey Wash Teak, Natural Teak, Reclaimed Teak, Quality Aluminum, Wicker and Spraystone.

So we welcome you to the world of luxury outdoor…


For your optimal comfort, all our sectional cushions have a thickness of more than 4 inches! This categorizes them under “deep seating”, making sure our customers get the comfort they desire from an outdoor sectional. Deep seating is a standard we offer on our Textilene “All Weather” luxury cushions aswel as on our Sunbrella® luxury cushions.


Simply the best quality… Sunbrella® is a high grade acrylic with excellent outdoor features such as high color retention, water-resistant, high durability and offering superior performance on UV protection as well as easy maintenance. Sunbrella fabric holds color longer by about 30% and is highly recommended for areas heavily exposed to the sun or the elements of
nature. The “touch and feel” of Sunbrella® is remarkably similar to indoor fabrics. Needless to say, Sunbrella® is the leading brand in outdoor fabrics!
For more information on Sunbrella® maintenace advice and all its advantages, please visit www.sunbrella.com.


Our textilene All Weather cushions are developped by our European partner and is a cushion that can be left outdoors most of the year*. These cushions are very comfortable and available for our MONTECARLO chairs cushions, all our sunloungers and the various sectional sets. The fabric has great strength to ensure durability. The cushions that come with a zipper are easy to clean (LOW MAINTENANCE TEXT BELOW), dry quickly and are color proof and UV resistant… specially developped and fabricated from high-quality synthetic products! Whenever it rains, the water goes through the tiny holes in the cushion cover instead of being fully absorbed by the cover! As a result, by pressing down on the cushion or placing the cushions on their sides, the cushions will be dry in a very short period of time. Just ideal for outdoor living!

You’ll see it? you’ll love it! Trust us!

*refering to daily normal weather conditions. We advice to safely store your cushions during severe weather conditions like strong winds, storms. hurricanes and tornadoes.

Low Maintenance
To clean the inner cushions, you remove the cushion cover and clean the inner cushion using a mild detergent. You can clean the cushion cover with a Textilene and Wicker Cleaner, being a non-foaming cleaner for open-woven fabrics and wicker, available in the better hardware store.
The outer cover can also be cleaned at a maximum of 86 degrees Fahrenheit in the washing machine, using a small amount of laundry detergent. our advice is to only wash 1 cover at a time.
Best product to use for this fabric is a non-foaming cleaner for open-woven fabrics and wicker.


The canopy of our Sombra Umbrella is made out of a luxury fabric called Spuncrylic! Spuncrylic fabric is made of solution dyed polyester, has a density of 10.12 ounce per square yard, a very good Lightfastness, UPF 50+ (UV Protection), looks classy and is water repellent and dirt resistant treated.


  • Allow the wet or damp fabric of the parasol to dry whilst the umbrella is open.
  • If the fabric of the canopy becomes wet whilst it is closed, open it as soon as possible to dry out.
  • Remove any fallen leaves and bird excrement as soon as possible.
  • It is best to brush off dirt using a soft brush.
  • Stains can be removed using tepid water, a soft brush and mild detergent.
  • Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Do not use any harsh detergents.
  • When opening, closing and turning the umbrella, make sure that the fabric of the canopy does not come into contact with any walls, etc. and that the fabric does not become trapped between the parts.
  • Remove any marks made when opening and closing the canopy with a damp cloth.
  • After closing the canopy, pull all of the fabric sections out separately and fully from the ribs of the parasol.
  • Roll the fabric sections over one another and secure these using the band to the mast of the parasol.
  • Always close the parasol during strong winds.
  • When the umbrella is not in use, always use a protective cover to prevent unnecessary wear and tear caused by the effects of nature.


Not only the quality of the Aluminum and Spuncrylic are top-notch! The base of our Sombra Umbrella is made out of full Granite! This heavy weight base has 4 high quality wheels (with brakes) that allow you move the umbrella across your patio…


Grey Wash teak that we offer is specially selected quality teak wood that was treated in a special process. Teak grey wash does not have to be treated, because through the effects of the weather, the wood slowly turns a silver grey colour, similar to the appearance that the wood currently has.

We do recommend you that the furniture is treated with a colorless Teak Shield. This product has to be colorless and also must provide a protective layer, meaning that dirt and stains cannot be absorbed by the wood. This also helps to reduce the formation of algae. To clean your furniture, we recommend using a non agressive Teak Cleaner. (Under no circumstances should a pressure washer be used). Never clean the table using harsh detergents. If you wish to use a product to protect or clean your teak wooden tabletop, we strongly advice you to test the effect of this in a hidden spot or on the bottom of the table. We can never be held liable for the effect of products bought from other stores.


The natural finish teak top of our Senso dining collection and coffeetables (Bergamo and Deauville) are made from 100% Indonesian Legal wood that has been SVLK-certified. This means that the full process in manufacturing is registered and monitored, guaranteeing the sustainability of the wood and the plantation.

What kind of protector do I buy? A good protector prevents your teak from becoming black or grey during the entire season. Furthermore, it protects your teak against the effects of direct sunlight. First clean the furniture use a non-agressive cleaner. Then use a shield protection based on synthetic polymers which have water and dirt-repellent properties and is resistant to algae and fungi growth. If you wish to allow your furniture to develop the silver grey colour and you wish to prevent stains, it is also best to use the Teak Shield.
We strongly advise not to use a protective cover on Teak wood, as this, especially in areas with high humidity, can encourage the growth of fungi.


A beam milled from RECLAIMED WOOD is not just any other beam. When you purchase reclaimed wood, you’re not simply buying recycled wood. You’re buying a story
Reclaimed wood is wood (used for furniture) that has already served a purpose in a previous life. That means it comes from a wide variety of places, each with its own unique (hi)story. Your Mancini tabletop with a story might come from a century-old Castle, an old barn or retired ships from all over the globe, making your beautiful outdoor dining table, one of a kind!

The 2020 BELAMO “MANCINI” collection has a dining tabletop and coffeetabletop made out of reclaimed teak! Because of the nature of this product, every individual table has its own structure and look. Disparity in measurements and the structure are characteristics of the wood means that every table is truly unique. Reclaimed teak has a natural appearance and develops a beautiful silver grey shade. Scratches, dents, cracks, knots, filling or other damage is inherent in reclaimed teak and these do not have an impact on the life span. Normal use of the product will result in small cracks (hairline cracks) and openings appearing in the wood; this does not detract from the quality or the life span of the table, but to the contrary is characteristic of the charm of this product.


Aluminum is a material that is used in all aspects of life! From cars to planes to appliances! High quality alumunum is also used throughout our 2020 collection. Aluminum has many advantages when used outdoors, as it does not rust and it is lightweight. Our aluminum is powder coated to the highest standards to make it beautful and durable.

When this is used outdoors, (slight) surface dirt may develop. However, this is not absorbed into the product, is not perma- nent in nature and can easily be removed with a soft cloth and water.
So, in terms of maintenance, only use water with a very soft soap. Avoid using abrasive or harsh products and/or sponges.


Wicker is a synthetic rattan weave. All of the furniture is hand woven over an aluminium frame to create a fully weather resistant product. By using realistic colours and 100% hand-craft, there may be subtle differences in the colour, thickness and in the weave bur this only adds to the charm of the furniture. This actually characterises and reinforces the “natural” look of the outdoor furniture. The fibre used to make the woven furniture is UV resistant, which means that this fibre is colour-fast and will not harden. You can therefore leave the furniture outdoors throughout the year. No problem!

To combat the discolouration, ageing and weathering of the wicker weave garden furniture, you can use a Textilene and Wicker Cleaner with a powerful UV filter. This gives the material a beautiful sheen and longlasting protection and leaves behind an invisible protective layer.


Spraystone is used for our tabletops in the Bruges and Bergamo collection. It is a mixture of ground natural stone and high-quality resin sprayed onto a glass plate. Because this mixture is sprayed professionally as a layer onto a table top made from safety glass, this results in a lightweight look-alike hard stone table top, which cannot be distinguished from genuine hard stone.

The surface can be cleaned using tepid water and a soft sponge (NEVER use harsh detergents).
In addition, do not leave products on the table for longer periods of time, such as wax candles/tealights,. They can become very hot and as a result can cause irremovable stains.